Summer must be over

You might be right if you guessed that, starting today, summer is over. It wasn’t the weather that gave it away (although it was rainy at times), it was the number of quilters returning to the bee. There may have been a Program Committee meeting as we saw Suzanne, Georgie, and Joyce stop in. Sandy T came to pass along a community quilt to Darlene for quilting. Carolina stopped in to pick a pattern for a new project and Margaret came with a Show and Tell in hand. Margie and Dale stayed to sew and we were all happy to see Barb M back in her usual seat. Donna stitched until noon and Nina came to the Mini Meez meeting. I hope I haven’t missed anyone; the regulars were pretty much all in attendance as well.

One of the things Sandy T stopped in for was to get an opinion on a new project. Barb K told her that opinions are like assh***s – everybody has one. We weren’t really picking on Sandy T but when she said she needed a kick in the pants to get her motivated there were a number of offers!

And we were honoured to have Layla (Kathleen’s granddaughter) join us for lunch on her birthday. We were celebrating several other September birthdays today – Carola, Marion, Sherry and Sandy T (although she was gone before the cake was served).

The Mini Meez

The first meeting of the year for the miniature group was well attended. Carola won the draw and took home a mini charm pack. Marlene has won the title of Miniature Queen with her quilted name tag – finishing at just 2″.

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The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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