They saw the light

It was a small turn-out for the bee today, but we had lots of folks drop in to see what we were up to. Georgie came in with the research to get Betty’s machine light working. It took three of them to manage it but by the time they were done Betty could see the light. Georgie is off on a lovely vacation but she’ll be back in September in time to get the new program off and running. Kathy P stopped in to do some hand stitching but she didn’t stay long as she had another commitment. Gwen came and sewed, then left, then came back for more sewing. Kathleen is visiting her sister and from what we’re seeing on Facebook she’s making some lovely bags. Nina popped in briefly and shared Barb K’s exciting news – she has had a good check up. Barb M and Penny are still recuperating but we hope they’ll be back at their machines soon.

The folks from the Church were busy making jars and jars of Blackberry Jam which they will be selling at the street festival. We were all hungry before the clock worked its way around to noon, and I’m sure it was because of the lovely smells coming from the kitchen.

Sandra J reminded us all today that the first Mini Meez meeting of the fall season will be on September 11th. She’s suggesting that by next week we at least have an idea of what we will be presenting at the meeting. Good advice, but will any of us heed it?

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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