Well done Sandra J!

How exciting to hear this morning that Sandra J was the winner of the Grand Door Prize at the Parksville quilt show this past weekend. Snip & Stitch Sewing Centre in Nanaimo and BERNINA of Canada collaborated to contribute a Bernina 570QE. Sandra will pick up her prize later in the week – and we all want to see it being shown off in the very near future. Congratulations Sandra!

We heard this week that Penny has been in hospital and we certainly wish her a speedy recovery and a quick return home – and back to stitching with us. If you want to start back slowly I’m sure there are a few hand binding projects we could bestow on you. Feel better soon Penny.

There were at least two people working on Splendid Sampler 2 blocks at the bee this morning, and there are at least two others who have their first two blocks completed. I encourage anyone who is taking part to post their photos on the Timberlane Facebook page.

I only managed a short trip to the bee this morning as I wasn’t feeling well. Remember though we sew all through the summer – every Tuesday morning from 9:00 AM to “sometime in the afternoon”.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

Only one photo today – Barb K’s beauty.

Although there are no photos, here’s what was being worked on:

  • Donna S – Dresden Plates
  • Angel – more 9-Patches
  • Kathleen – Jane’s Ladder (and Splendid Sampler 2 blocks)
  • Barb K – Splendid Sampler 2 blocks
  • Sandra J – wool appliqué (when she wasn’t gloating!)
  • Gwen – Appliquéing circles
  • Marlene – Scrappy Blocks
  • Darlene – Applique
  • Bev – Another Swoon Clutch (I think)
  • Donna D – Log Cabins (I think)

Gail and Marion were both in attendance but I didn’t see what they were working on.

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