A slow start but we ended with a bang

It was a difficult start to the day – perhaps due to the heat wave we didn’t sleep as well as we should have. Angel stood at the ferry waiting for her ride to the bee; when her ride didn’t come and Angel’s granddaughter saw her standing at the corner she phoned her mother Angel arrived at the bee right on time. Sandra was in a flutter, and no wonder with all she’s had going on – her birthday, Father’s Day, John’s birthday – she left before lunch to get a cake baked before the day got too hot.

Angel was working on 9-Patches and there were at least four of us that took Kathy P’s class just a few months ago. Not one of us could remember exactly how it was done. Donna D volunteered to go home for her pattern; just minutes after she left to do that Kathy P walked into the room. She didn’t stay long; Donna came back with the pattern and for her efforts Angel donated all the lovely batik scraps to her.

Poor Marion could hardly find a seat at the lunch table, in spite of the fact that she was the first one in the lunch room. When she went to get coffee someone took her spot, when she moved to another spot she was taking a seat that already had been spoken for. Finally she found an empty chair, plopped herself down and dared us to try and move her!

We had a nasty visitor at lunch – a fly kept buzzing around. Donna D had the swatter handy but it never landed long enough for her to get a whack at it. Towards the end of the day the fly had made its way into the sewing hall and many of us jumped a foot when Annie took a whack at it – she missed but had she been on target she would no doubt have smashed it to bits.

Lots of things to remember for Thursday’s pot luck.

  • Doors open at 5:30 PM; Dinner at 6:00 PM
  • Bring your UFO Challenges (if you haven’t already) in order to get them checked off in Barb’s book
  • Bring Sherry’s Guild challenge
  • Bring your plates, cutlery, cups and glasses (or be prepared to wash the ones you borrow from the kitchen)
  • Wear a hat – it is a garden-themed party after all
  • The door prize basket is looking a little slim so if you have any garden-themed items you’d like to add get them there early.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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