So happy to be back

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It’s been awhile and I was so happy to be back at the bee today. There was a cake at lunch and I thought perhaps everyone was really glad to see me and were celebrating – turns out that it has been 10 years to the day since Kathleen retired and she made a cake (a very tasty cake) to celebrate.

When I made a quick trip into the kitchen for coffee Donna D was giving several ladies a hard time for making too much noise – she was trying to concentrate on cutting her log cabin strips. Later someone was complaining about aches and pains – Moreen commented that we were all “past our best before dates”!

Talk around the lunch table was ferry-related – losing your car on the ferry, being stuck when the hydraulic doors won’t open (or shut), being stuck on the ferry when the RCMP have to be called to make an arrest, and travelling back and forth on the same ferry when your vehicle won’t start (because you were using the wrong key)!

The garden-themed basket for the Year-End Party is waiting for donations. There were several in the group today working on (or finishing up) the Challenge for the year.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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