The Klutz Has Returned!

Not my words, but the first thing Barb M said when she came into the hall and saw that Bev was back! Welcome back Bev – no broken bones (yet) so treat her gently. We were so happy to have Angel back sewing with us today. In spite of being offered a couch to nap on or a quilt in the van she managed to stay stitching all day.

Margaret wasn’t sewing with us today but she dropped in to show off her new puppy. Darlene came in empty-handed but needed help opening the door on the way out – she collected more Community Quilts. Did I imagine seeing Gwen – she didn’t stay long. Jeanette stopped in to pass over the Secretarial duties to Bev; Bev got back on Sunday and Jeanette leaves Wednesday so timing was everything!

Excitement is building about the Spring Retreat. Deb says that a couple of spots have opened up so contact her if you are interested. I overheard people talking about the projects they intend to take, as well as the warning to take extra clothes in case it is cool. Barb M will have the supply list at the meeting on Thursday.

We’ve had a flurry of activity around the “Books by Donation” table. Lots of books were added today; they will all be available for purchase (by donation) at the meeting on Thursday.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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