Happy New Year

It was a small turn-out today – only nine of us – but we know a few folks are ill. Hopefully this cold spell will move on and everyone will be back to normal by next week – or as normal as this group ever gets. On the other hand we were delighted to have Margaret back in her usual spot – and usual form!

It seems like everyone had a good Christmas, but perhaps not as exciting as Sandra J’s. Hers involved a fire, a flood and a dog fight! Barb K wondered at the expression “you’ll find it in the last place you look” – why would you keep looking after you’ve found it?

And oh what a lunch we had – including cake for Margaret’s 70th birthday! I wish my internal censor allowed me to report on our lunch conversation – trust me we had a lot of big laughs concerning various medical conditions and treatments!

Our first business meeting of the new year is on Thursday – we hope to see everyone there.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

Guess who left her camera sitting on the table – after charging it up last night so I’d be ready! I’ve put a note in my lunch bag so hopefully I won’t forget it again.

Gail had a finish on her red and white log cabin quilt, as well as a finish (except for borders) on her Stepping Stones. Barb M, Margie, and Marion were busy cutting out new projects and Barb K made good progress on a panel quilt. Sandra J was finishing up her embroidery project (they are old men, not Santas don’t you know). Rene and Sherry were working on blocks of various sizes, and Margaret is preparing for the Mini Meez meeting next week.

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