Was there really any doubt?

We are all wishing Margaret a speedy recovery; we missed your sense of humour today.

We were chatting at lunch about the Christmas party on Thursday. When we were discussing games Barb admitted that she is a “last-minute” girl and hadn’t really planned anything yet. Donna D’s reply, “You must have played a lot of games in your life!” She was quick to add that she meant that in the nicest way!

Marion also had us laughing when she opened a snack bar at lunch. She admitted that she had purchased a couple of boxes for her husband for his breakfast; she later found out they weren’t very good for you so she took them away and is working her way through them now!

Just one of the baskets up for a draw on Thursday

A couple of reminders for the pot luck on Thursday. Pot luck items aren’t limited to appies and dessert; bring whatever you would like – we’ll appreciate whatever you bring. Pack a plate, cutlery and cup/glass (or show up in the kitchen after dinner to do dishes).

The Queen and her crown!

We all know that Barb M is the “Queen Bee” – today she had the hat to prove it!



The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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