Werner & Werner

Werner & Werner – seems like a good name for a detective agency or perhaps Broadway show producers! No, it’s our own Gail and Bev (no relation) sitting side by side at the bee today. We were so happy to see Marlene back at the bee; she came for the Mini Meez meeting but we hope she’ll join us for a full day soon. There was a stranger in our midst today – Angel was back from her summer travels!

Mystery Project from the Retreat

The ladies were back from the Texada retreat, feeling tired but enthused about the weekend. I’ll tell no tales here but I assure you it was a wonderful weekend. Thank you to the Texada group for hosting our event.

We started our lunch conversation with ferries – you might expect us to be concerned about whether or not they were running but that wasn’t the case. We discussed and agreed that if you want to kill yourself there are much better ways to do it than jumping overboard! That led to a discussion of flu shots and inoculations in general – always stimulation topics around the lunch table.

The Mini Meez held their meeting this morning. Those pieces in Nina’s blocks are 1″ finished! Bev used the freezer paper-piecing method so she avoided taking off all those papers. Margaret stopped in with her offerings just in time to get her name into the prize draw, but Sandra was the prize winner!

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The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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