Was it the time change?

It took awhile for everyone to arrive but they wandered in slowly during the morning and we had a crowd for lunch. I wonder if the time change has affected us more than we realized (keep reading!).

Barb M thought she had the wrong keys when she tried to get into her van but then she realized she had the wrong van! In her defence, she says the two vans are almost identical – sure they are! Annie is liking her shorter hair cut but she had trouble with her “product” – at first she couldn’t figure out how to get it out of the can but then managed to get some. But as she was putting it away she got a surprise – the product shot out of the can and she had more product than she could use for the amount of hair she has. And don’t get me started on the problems Donna D was having. The language from that corner of the hall really wasn’t appropriate for a church but she wasn’t struck down by lightening so I guess it was all good – her project may not be though!

Heading to Willingdon Creek

Sherrill stopped in to pick up some placemats. We still had a few left in the cupboard from when we prepared them for Meals on Wheels. Since that organization has disbanded Sherrill is passing them to Willingdon Creek for their tables over the holidays. She’ll have more information at the next business meeting but keep this request in mind as you sew over the next few weeks.


The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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