These women are cagey!

I often wonder if I should attend the bee or perhaps just hide in a closet so the conversations won’t be stilted by “watch out, that will appear in the blog”!

Just a couple of conversations over lunch stood out for me. Someone (and I won’t mention her name) said she can’t drink lemon gin due to some foolish occasions when she was younger (and trust me, she hasn’t had any gin for a number of years). At one end of the table there was a conversation about storing foods, I assume in preparation for a food shortage. It was pointed out that many of us have a months-worth of food stored right on our bodies!

There were lots of Community Quilts being worked on. There were also a couple of bags in progress – weren’t we lucky to have the bag lady (Kathleen) and Barb M on hand to answer any questions.

Barb K arrived with two of her granddaughters after lunch. One of these girls was asking the important question – Who is the boss? It was decided that Kathleen (as President) was the Boss, but Barb M was the “Know it All”!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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