72 Cans of Beer in the Car

It was lovely to be back at sewing today. Was it because I missed everyone while I was away that all the conversations seemed just that much more amusing? Overheard in conversation: “Maybe there’s something wrong with this block.” Very softly in the background I heard, “Maybe there is something wrong with that brain!”

Kathleen had a mis-step on her project and she said she was glad Sandra J had brought her ripper. There was some discussion that Kathleen and Barb M don’t need rippers because they don’t make mistakes. However, Kathleen has lost hers and Barb M says she just doesn’t advertise her mistakes! Gail said she does her reverse stitching in the evening when she watches TV. Sandra has the best solution for her reverse stitching though – she gives it to John!

Do you remember Kathy P’s Seminole (Frida Kahlo) quilt from the show? She sold it and the lucky recipient dropped in at the bee today and is thrilled to have it. Sandy T dropped in; her shoulder is improving and she’s able to sew a bit at home now. Darlene S brought her machine today, but maybe she’s been there every week that I missed. Carola is recovering from a spider bite.

Margaret (and all of us) have a language skill we probably didn’t know about. Her son was having trouble putting something together. Margaret suggested he let his wife read the instructions because they were probably written in “woman”!

Sandra announced today that the Mini Meez will be back in the fall but only every second month – still on the second Tuesday. We all feel it will give us more time to prepare something but still get our “regular” stitching done.

And now you’re wondering about the 72 cans of beer in the car! Barb M, as we all know, is one of our most prolific stitchers but she also volunteers for almost everything that happens on Texada. Today she was returning booze from the recent Sand Castle weekend and, when she mentioned how much beer she had in her car, I couldn’t get that song (you know the one) out of my head!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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