We are settling in nicely

We are clearly more comfortable in our surroundings as the chatter today never stopped. We were thrilled to have Margaret back with us – we missed you and we’re so happy everything has worked out for your husband. Kathy P dropped in to drop off her Canada 150 block – she was off to Vancouver to attend the induction of her Grandson into the Airforce pilot’s training! Gail W wasn’t stitching today but she came with her sister Coral who was a member of the Guild for 17 years; Gail says it was Coral who got her to join so we all owe Coral our thanks. Kathleen stopped in for lunch after a trip to the Sechelt Quilt Show; Margie and Dale were latecomers but it was nice to see them.

Sandy T managed to get one of her bags off the doorknob and load her Tuesday project into it (Annie says she has beautiful bags decorating her doorknobs)! When Sandy mentioned using Super Glue to heal a wound someone had never heard of such a thing; from the comments around the room a lot of our members had heard of it and used it. I’m sure that won’t be the method-of-choice when Rene has her surgery; we wish you a quick recovery!

As I will be missing the next few weeks of bees Cathy G has taken the library books and they will be offered for sale again next week (and until she gets tired of lugging them around). If you haven’t seen them please come in and take a look – there are still lots of good ones left. And if you’ve already seen them, come look again – you may have found more room on your bookshelves for the ones you left behind.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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