Some of us just don’t want to quit!

This was the fourth sewing day in a row for some of the ladies at the bee. Sandra J led the Tea and Quilts workshop on Saturday and many of us, including Sandra, took the Precision Piecing workshop on Sunday and Monday. So we were very forgiving of Sandra (even though we nearly fell off our chairs laughing) when she told us this story.

When Sandra got home from the class on Monday she and John had their dinner and then Sandra had a little nap. At one point John woke her to say she had a phone call but Sandra went back to sleep. Some time later she got up, made her lunch, fed her dog her usual morning treat, and put on her jacket. Just as she headed out the door she called to John to tell him she was leaving for sewing. Imagine her surprise when John told her it was still Monday night, not Tuesday morning!

If Sandra calls and asks you to take on a position within the Guild it will not be a figment of her imagination. Please give her request some serious consideration; without a full executive and chairs for all the committees our Guild will not be able to operate in a smooth and efficient manner. Better yet, why not call Sandra and volunteer for an empty spot.

In light of our move and the downsizing that will be required, the Library will be closed until after the move. Books can be returned at the Tuesday bees or the Thursday demo night but no new books can be borrowed. Any books that are deemed no longer necessary (in an attempt to save shelf space) will be offered for sale at the year-end party.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

It was nice to have the “Ladies that Lunch” (Gwen and Kathy P) join us for lunch; Carola and Donna were off to the Senior’s Association for their Soup and Sandwich day. Sandy T dropped in for a chat as well.

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