A good crowd


Finished project!


An awfully nice “sample”!

There were over 20 of us gathered around the table at lunch. Barb did a little “Show and Tell” about the Nuno felting class that was held on Texada over the weekend. Barb came away with a “sample” and a finished product – most of us figure she has two finishes. Click on the photos for a better look.

It was nice to have Barb K back in the hall with us and she has a lovely new “do”. We were happy to have her sister, Trudi, visit us after a two-week holiday in Hawaii. Trudi put up with a lot of teasing about going home (to Ontario) to a lot more snow that we have here. Although I must say it didn’t feel a lot like Spring today!

This is your reminder about the quilt show meeting Thursday at 6 PM and the business meeting following at 7 PM. Temporary labels and bags for quilt show entries will be ready for pick up so come early. Also check your calendars (or bring them with you) as there will be sign-up sheets for all the stations of the show (admissions, boutique, raffle table, etc.).

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

Although we are never short of colour in the hall I haven’t been taking photos of all of the lovely projects. There will be some surprises at the Quilt Show even for the Guild members.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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