Happy Birthday










We were celebrating January birthdays today with a cake that Penny made for us. Margaret celebrated a birthday early in the month and today was Barb M’s big day. Marianna wondered if Barb was as old as her hair but younger than her teeth, and someone else wanted to know if she was 39 – AGAIN! If you celebrate a birthday in February you’ll want to join us on the 21st!

There was lots of talk around the table regarding the Trump-bashing that seems to be everywhere; I think we agreed we were all a little tired of it. Marianna¬†complained about the cost of a gardenia that she purchased over the weekend ($29.95). Sandra J responded by saying she got an African violet on sale for $1.99. There was a suggestion that she could have gone to the shop, pinched a leaf and started her own plant but Sandra insists she’s “not that cheap”.

There were still a few Stack and Whack’s underway today and lots of folks finishing up and photographing quilt show entries. Remember that the entry forms, with a photograph, are due on Thursday. Also, remember to sign up for our Anniversary Gala dinner; payment is due on Thursday.

Crazy Quilt Cottage has a sale on at the moment – stop in this week to check out the bargains.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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