How many turkey sandwiches?

About half of the group enjoyed turkey sandwiches for lunch today. What you add to your turkey sandwich was a discussion in itself – mayo, cranberry sauce, French dressing, celery and onion. However you dress your turkey sandwiches, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

We had just finished a short conversation about memory (or the lack thereof) when Rene reminded Barb M of her physio appointment. There were a few choice words as Barb realized she had missed it.

Our lunch discussion also included our experiences in Home Economics classes. Many wondered why Home Ec teachers were often spinsters. Barb K failed her sewing class because she embellished her apron with embroidery and ruffles and the teacher wanted it to be “just like the pattern”. Many of our quilters had been sewing and cooking years before they got to their Home Ec classes, but Sandra J was happy her classes included how to use a dishwasher.

Almost every table at the Clubhouse was in use today, as well as a good crowd gathered around the dining room table. Sandra T dropped in but didn’t stay long and Margie left right after lunch for tennis.

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The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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