Are you ready?

Can we call today the last bee of the summer? Marlene was handing out the Guild membership forms for the new year; our first business meeting of the 2016-2017 year is on Thursday. Come early – fill out your forms and bring your money. There will be a quilt show meeting at 6 PM as well.

Our lunch topic today was diets, but we didn’t start with that. There were several different kinds of cookies (from Mitchell Brothers) around the table and someone asked if we had ever tried the Neiman Marcus cookies with chocolate chips, nuts and a grated Hershey Bar. Patti commented that it was really a chocolate bar but saying it was a cookie sounded better. From there we got to diets – someone is starting the Whole 30 Diet and several others commented that just eating less of everything was the way to go. We all agreed though that age and metabolism were not on our side!

Kathy P is looking for any wicker baskets you might have that can be used to hold prizes at Hands Across the Water. She would also like any of your HAW donations brought to the meeting on Thursday (fat quarters, patterns, give-aways, white elephant items, etc.). The committee will be having a work session next week and we need to know exactly what we have.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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