Unnamed sources

Aug 16 - 1Aug 16 - 2The Hands Across the Water committee met at the hall first thing this morning. As the date draws near the planning is being overtaken by the “doing”. Expect to hear more details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, these lovely quilts are a delight to behold and will go home with someone at the end of the event.

Our lunch discussion started out with crickets. Someone’s phone (who will not be named) has a cricket as one of her sounds and it was going off continually. When it interrupted lunch members started talking about all the crickets they are hearing outside in their yards this year. How we got from there to using number pads for purchases is beyond me but a certain someone’s husband (who will not be named) apparently has a problem working those number pads. Our member said she was going to write out the instructions and put them in their safe for “when she was gone”; another member (who will not be named) piped up that he probably wouldn’t be able to get into the safe. The response was that he probably knows how to get into the safe but he likely won’t know where to find the safe!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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