I’m back

AUG 09 - 5


AUG 09 - 6

It takes a lot for this smile not to shine!

I’m back, but we were all thrilled to see this lady back in the hall! She may not be dancing just yet, but she has started physio and we wish her all the best in her recovery. We had our usual number of stitchers and it was nice to see lots of drop-ins. Sewing in France was wonderful, but nothing beats sewing with friends!



AUG 09 - 3


AUG 09 - 4


It was a Mini Meez day at the Guild but there were very few in attendance and only one mini between the bunch of us – way to go Marlene – although Sandra is putting together a lovely set of placemats from her scraps (and using her fancy new machine to quilt them). Margaret admits to buying lots of patterns, but she didn’t bring any of them to show us. Darlene says she won’t be doing any minis until all her stack of quilts has been quilted – she has twelve. On the other hand, I didn’t commit to anything!

AUG 09 - 7Kathleen sent a lovely blueberry cheese cake to celebrate our August birthdays – Betty was the lone recipient of our birthday singing! Kathleen had to miss sewing at the last minute but we want her to know she can bake us her cheesecake any time.

Margie may still have a few spots left to fill for the Arts in the Park weekend. Please let her know if you can help her fill her shift-sheet.

We are sending our best to Penny as she gets through this difficult time.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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