Bonjour from Montmelard, France

I have been lucky enough to spend a fabulous few days (two more to go) sewing with Christine Porter’s Fan Club. I’ve learned a couple of techniques for making fans, and the combinations you can use them in are endless.

The group I am with are mostly English, as is Christine. We have one woman from Zurich, although she is originally American. One of the women lives just down the road from the farmhouse but she is also Canadian (and does the most amazing hand piecing and quilting that I have ever seen). I love sewing with the English – everything is either brilliant, fab or lovely!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board – or is it Wednesday?

We stitch in the loft of this 17th Century “barn” at Les Cerisiers.

A sampling of Christine Porter’s quilts.

A lesson (and a project) in the use of the colour wheel using four different fabrics in each blade of the fan.

Another project using single colored blades in two sizes.

I admit I’ve skipped class on a couple of afternoons so we could do some sight-seeing!

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One Response to Bonjour from Montmelard, France

  1. Kathleen says:

    Glad to hear you are having great time. Expect lots of samples

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