How much water do you drink?

Barb M and Barb K were both off with medical leave today – we hope all is well and we’ll see them back soon. Margaret was back sewing today; it’s been awhile since she made an appearance. But where was Annie – at least she notified us that she wasn’t coming so that we didn’t worry about her.

Lunch conversation was dominated by water. We talked about the wasteful use of water on yards and then moved on to our own drinking water habits. It turns out the the optimal amount of water we should drink each day is eight six-ounce glasses. Do you drink enough? We also should be drinking one of those glasses of water just before bed but that brought on a number of issues about having to get up in the night. Someone said that after you did it for awhile your body adjusted and that didn’t happen any more. Someone else said their body had over sixty years to adjust and it never had and probably never would. Someone else excused herself immediately because all this talk about water made her need the facilities. Oh what fun we have!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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