Happy Birthday Kathy

Happy Birthday Kathy

Happy Birthday Kathy

We were celebrating May birthdays today; Kathy P was the only one who was there to celebrate with us. Margie brought a delicious cheesecake with a cherry topping; as this is a milestone birthday for Kathy there were even a few presents. When asked what her plans were for her big day on Saturday she replied that she was going to a funeral! But she will get to celebrate Mother’s Day with her daughter in the Lower Mainland.

Nina, Eleanor, and Dawn were on hand for the HAW meeting and Dale made an appearance for the first time in a long time. A few regulars were away for medical appointments (hopefully all is well) and Annie made it to the hall BEFORE lunch (there was some betting going on as to when she might arrive). Sandra J dropped in with a visitor – her sister-in-law is visiting Powell River for a few days.

Lunch is always a fun time – even when we don’t have cake. Today we were talking about arthritis and the foods one might eat to avoid or alleviate the symptoms. Some of our members have rheumatoid arthritis, some have osteoarthritis; Rene has the most common type of all – the annoying kind! This discussion led to problems we have opening jar lids. Marlene has an automatic Jar Opener and Sandy T has one that sits under the counter top and apparently works well. Barb K says she has a jar opener that sits on the couch in the living room!

Don’t forget the Business Meeting on Thursday – BRING YOUR STRIPS!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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