Tiddly, fiddly and piddly

Mar 1 - 1

Happy Birthday Rene

I was late getting to the bee but I made sure I was there in time for lunch and birthday cake. Cathie baked a glorious lemon chiffon cake to celebrate March birthdays – Rene was the only one who qualified but we all got a slice!

There was lots going on in the hall but my favourite discussion revolved around the words tiddly, fiddly and piddly! These names all came up in a discussion concerning the folded curves technique that Margie taught. And, if you know Margie, every one of those words describe the fabulous work she does. By the way, they are pretty much interchangeable in the quilting world.

We offer our condolences to Margaret on the passing of her mother-in-law and wish Margaret a safe trip home.

Don’t forget about the Business Meeting on Thursday. Nina will have raffle tickets available for the Nanaimo Quilt Show prizes.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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