In, out and down

Ladies were dropping in and dropping out all day long. Sandra J was the first in and the first out; she opens the doors for us each week and stayed long enough to show us her flying geese table topper. She left shortly after to quilt it on her home machine, but came back after lunch to work on her Block of the Month. Sherry was all set to do the Block of the Month; after making a cutting and sewing error she was off home to pick up more of her fabric. Yvonne popped in briefly to pick up a box of goodies and then she was off again.

In the down category we are sending Nina and Gwen our best wishes for speedy recoveries after they both took falls this week.

Thanks to Rene for bringing the problem to my attention and to Carola for reminding me to process my photos so they will load more quickly on the site. If you see something on the blog that isn’t working (or isn’t right) please let me know so that it can be corrected.

Feb 16 - 24

Crazy Quilt Cottage will be hosting a class on the Sue Spargo method of embroidery; you will be making needle cases. Check with Deb for the date (it’s a Friday near the end of March); she will also have kits available with all the supplies you need.

Don’t forget about Margie’s Folded Curves Demo on Thursday, followed by her class on Saturday.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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