New rules

Sept 1_17Look who stopped in this afternoon for a visit. It takes more than a broken leg and being wheelchair-bound to dampen Gail’s spirit!

It’s September and the new “rules” for coffee and tea have kicked in! In the past, the tea drinkers had their bee tea supplied by the Guild while the coffee drinkers paid fifty-cents for their cups of coffee. This amount more than covered the cost of purchasing the coffee from the Centre. Earlier this summer the tea ladies ran out of tea bags and used the coffee money to purchase more, so it was decided (I’m not sure it was democratic) that starting in September everyone would pay twenty-five cents for a full day of beverages, be it tea or coffee.

There was a lively discussion as to whether the new system was fair. The cost of a tea bag is much less than a pot of coffee, but it doesn’t seem right to use the coffee money to supply the tea bags. There were many complaints and friends were buying friends their first paid-for cups of tea. Most of the discussion was amicable and I’m sure it will be a non-event by our next bee.

Kathleen brought along a fabulous chocolate cake to celebrate the September birthdays; since there were fewer folks than normal for lunch we were able to have seconds. Yes Carola, we celebrated without you!

Everyone is looking forward to the first meeting of our new year. Just a reminder that you’ll need your wallets!

  • $35 Membership Dues
  • $4 for the Guild challenge bag
  • $1 Senior Dues
  • $ for the 50/50 draw

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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