A 3-Table Day

There was a good crowd at lunch today – enough to fill three tables. Darlene popped in for lunch but didn’t stop to sew; Karen finished her project quickly but stayed until we had our lunch. We’re expecting Rene back soon and look forward to hearing about her cross-Canada (and back) travels; she is someone who should have been participating in the row-by-row experience!

Sandy T got a discussion started about whether a quarter-inch matters. Part of her project was longer than it should have been. When she was about to pick it apart Barb M suggested she should just trim it down a quarter-inch on each side. Sandy was reluctant and by the end of the day her strip was the right size; I think she restitched rather than cut!

Please take a moment to check out two new pages I’ve added to the blog menu – At-A-Glance and What’s New. I’m planning a bit of a rearrange on the site and welcome any input you might have. I know some have found the navigation difficult so hopefully these new pages will help.

And speaking of rearranging … As some of you know I spent the first part of the morning trying to track down a library book I borrowed and couldn’t find; I assumed I had left it on the table a couple of weeks ago. My grandchildren visited recently (a couple of days after I borrowed the book) and a clean up of my sewing area was badly needed. Today, as I glanced over to my pile of UFO’s, guess what I found? I DID bring the book home and I had packaged it up with the fabric I intended for the project; no wonder I couldn’t find it!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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