How do you pack your underwear?

Guild at a Glance

The Tuesday bee continues throughout the summer at the Cranberry Senior Centre. All Guild members are welcome.

Quilts for Family Place

  • Any 36″ square design, quilted and bound
  • Due at the September 3rd Business Meeting

July 14 – Next meeting of the Mini Meez

July 21 – We’re celebrating Kathleen O’Malley’s birthday (and anyone else with a July birthday) with a pot luck

July 28 – Show and Tell (and new pattern) for the Seminole Piecing Group (Click here for pattern)

Sept 3 – 7:00 PM – First meeting of the new season

Sept 17 – Program Committee Reveal and Pot Luck

Sept 26 – Hands Across the Water (drivers still needed)


Kathleen and Barb are headed for Sisters tomorrow and packing was on their minds. Kathleen has her bags packed (more or less) but Barb was away all weekend and her undies are in the laundry so she hasn’t started. Kathleen got around that issue by purchasing new undies. Marlene said she thought you were supposed to pack your old undies so you could toss them and have more room for your purchases. On a trip like this Marlene may be right!

Jul 07_04

Getting ready for a golf tournament!

Gail C joined us today; she and Nina were doing some work on Community Quilts and Gail stayed to sew. She brought along both of her Accuquilt GO Cutters – her hand cranked one is for sale. She was cutting squares for a rag quilt and they were coming out of the machine with the edges already clipped. She says it makes great Flying Geese as well. It was good to see Barb K back with her arm already healed enough to sew, but is she still under the influence of the anesthetic (look at her outfit)? There was talk of miniatures (next week is our meeting) but Marlene was actually working on her next one.

Sandra had a screw loose – I mean a loose screw – that we searched for but never found. Barb M and Kathy P have started on their Blocks of the Month from Fibre Expressions. There were a couple of 36″-square quilts being assembled and a few trees started for Hands Across the Water. Gail W was working on a mystery – but most of us in the room already know how it ends! Karen has a quilt (probably more than one) finished for her granddaughter (expected in August) and Margie was playing with more little pieces.

Please note that the July 21st pot luck is a celebration of ALL the July birthdays – that was my mistake!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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