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Guild at a Glance

The Tuesday bee continues throughout the summer at the Cranberry Senior Centre. All Guild members are welcome.

Quilts for Family Place

  • Any 36″ square design, quilted and bound
  • Due at the September 3rd Business Meeting

July 14 – Next meeting of the Mini Meez

July 21 – We’re celebrating Kathleen O’Malley’s birthday with a pot luck

July 28 – Show and Tell (and new pattern) for the Seminole Piecing Group

Sept 3 – 7:00 PM – First meeting of the new season

Sept 17 – Program Committee Reveal and Pot Luck

Sept 26 – Hands Across the Water (drivers still needed)


It was a smaller than usual crowd today but we were happy to welcome Abby back; we hope to see more of her and her projects over the summer. Cecilia dropped in and updated us on how her downsizing is progressing. Jeanette Wiley, her daughter-in-law, and grandson stopped in; it is hard to believe that happy and healthy looking boy was only two pounds when he made his appearance into this world!

We try to keep politics out of the hall but over lunch that’s what the topic turned to. There was very little argument; someone brought up the topic of politicians (who will remain nameless) who dump money on their friends without the taxpayers getting anything in return. There were a lot of us around the table but none of us could think of what the word for that was. Finally Margaret got her phone out and Googled it so we all knew; sadly I’ve already forgotten what the word was!

A few of the ladies had their Seminole piecing projects on display. Although this is to be a monthly “thing” several of the ladies are already two months ahead! Click on Seminole Piecing in the menu above to see some of the Show and Tell projects and for the next pattern in the series.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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