Move your toothbrush!

Guild Activities at a Glance

June 18 – Year-End Party (Set Up at 5:30; Doors open at 6:00)

  • Beach theme so bring any beach-related quilts.
  • Bring a beach-themed fat quarter
  • Prizes for the best beach attire worn
  • Picnic food for the pot luck table

Quilts for Family Place

  • Any 36″ square design, quilted and bound
  • Due at the September 3rd Business Meeting

Sept 3 – 7:00 PM – First meeting of the new season

Sept 17 – Program Committee Reveal and Pot Luck

Sept 26 – Hands Across the Water (drivers still needed)


June 9_02It was wonderful to have two of our Associate Members join us at the clubhouse today. Pat and Gail were here for some birthday festivities and we were so happy their visit coincided with a Guild meeting and the bee today. We were all happy to hear that Gwen has recovered enough to see a movie with her friends; we hope she’ll be back stitching with us soon!

The Mini Meez held their monthly meeting. I’ve set up a menu item for this group because they are such keeners!

Chatter around the lunch table was very interesting. We got into a discussion about religion. When Margaret (a Catholic) suggested to Kathleen (an Anglican) that she thought they were getting a “minister from down below” we thought we might end up with a riot. What Margaret meant was a minister from the Lower Mainland. We all wondered what Donna was going to do with Carola’s grass clippings – and just what kind of grass was she clipping? Gail commented on what a wonderful cleaner her husband was; and then we got into a discussion regarding bathrooms. I’ll spare you the details, but please move your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible!

If you are adding to the Tuesday raffle prize please remember to bring your item to the bee next Tuesday.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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