Happy Birthday Sandra

June 2_11Although her special day hasn’t arrived just yet, we celebrated Sandra’s birthday today at the bee. As usual, our pot luck lunch was an exquisite buffet that included some decadent desserts.

Kathy Parker delivered the Welcome banner for the Willingdon Creek home. We had a great relationship with the Olive Devaud Centre and we are happy to be contributing to this new facility. As usual, Kathy’s choice in pattern, fabric and quilting designs are spectacular.

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Lots of the ladies were working on their Seminole quilt rows. Although everyone is using the same pattern, they are all unique creations. Karen brought in the quilt she made in this style and gave us a few hints in picking our fabrics. We report back with the first row at the last bee of June so there is still lots of time to get the pattern and participate.

We all sew with a variety of machines each week but someone noticed today that there were four Phaffs in use. Carola got a heck of a deal on a 4-thread serger; it may have been the quickest sale ever! Thankfully Kathy P warned us that a couple of RCMP members would be coming to the hall to interview her. On the one hand we might have worried she was going to be arrested; on the other hand those officers were very nice looking!

Don’t forget the business meeting on Thursday. There are still positions empty for several posts; this is your Guild so please do your part!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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