Mini groups

We were at the clubhouse for the bee today. It was a smaller crowd, but with several folks dropping in for one meeting or another. The Mini Meez held their second meeting and the turnout and projects were great. A few folks dropped in to finalize plans for the Mount Washington retreat, and some came by just to say hello!

Angel is missing her Antique Rose pattern. She knows it was on loan to someone but she’s not certain who that someone is. If you have it, can you please contact Angel as she is needing it back. Her mystery quilt is almost done and she’ll be back to working on the Antique Rose.

Don’t forget the Spring Retreat at the Cranberry Senior Centre this weekend! Contact Shawn if you need more information.

Mini Meez

Everyone checked in with their finished miniature projects and we all set goals for next month’s meeting. For the most part everyone had finished their minis so there should be a wonderful show and tell of new projects next month. If you make a miniature be sure to bring it for show and tell at the June meeting. Everyone who displayed a mini at the May meeting, as well as everyone who finished (or almost finished) their homework for the month, had their name entered for a draw; how fitting that Nina won the Moda Candy package!

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The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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