A revolving door

We had a good group at sewing today but we were missing our leaders; Barb M is on the Island and Kathleen was off to Kelowna. It was a good thing Barb K was there to answer Margaret’s questions about a new project she has in mind. There were still lots of mysteries being solved – both our Guild’s mystery and the Daphne Greig mystery. There were lots of new projects too though.

I couldn’t help but think how short a time we have when all our “regular” quilters are available. Barb K will be starting to golf (in fact she left early and may have been out on the course already); Patti and Betty are finished with curling so are able to stay a bit longer in the afternoon; and Margie says she probably won’t be on the tennis court for another month. Once summer is here our numbers often drop off as folks are vacationing but we look forward to having our junior quilters join us once school is out.

Don’t forget the Business Meeting at 7 PM on Thursday. Will you have met Sandra’s challenge and come with your Mystery Quilt flimsy finished?

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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One Response to A revolving door

  1. Barb Kuntsi says:

    No golf today! Had a nail appointment! Sherry, this page is always so good. I really enjoy seeing what everyone has done, especially on those days I can’t be there. Thank you

    Sent from Barb’s IPad


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