Quilt Show winners

Congratulations to all the ribbon winners.

Best in Show:

  • P1130885

    Licorice Allsorts by Evelyn Seymour

    1st. Shawn Bailey for “ Mom’s Bouquet”

  • 2nd: Evelyn Seymour for “Licorice Allsorts”
  • 3rd: Karen Berry for “Liz’s Poppies”


  • 1st:

    Let it Snow by Wanda Shortridge

    Wanda Shortridge for “Let it Snow”

  • 2nd: Jennie Read for “Raggedy and Cuddly”
  • 3rd: Shawn Bailey for “Mom’s Bouquet”


  • P1130880

    Liz’s Poppies by Karen Berry

    1st: Karen Barry for “Liz’s Poppies”

  • 2nd: Rosemary Robbins for “Standing Room Only’
  • 3rd: Joyce Bredo for “Serenity”


  • P1130884

    7 Degrees of Separation by Georgie Brewer

    1st: Georgie Brewer for “7 Degrees of Separation”

  • 2nd: Rosemary Robbins for “Standing Room Only”
  • 3rd: Evelyn Seymour for “Licorice Allsorts”

C.Q.A. Ribbon:

  • P1130882

    Mum’s Bouquet by Shawn Bailey

    Shawn Bailey for “Mom’s Bouquet”

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