An expensive bee

We started the day with some lively discussions. With Remembrance Day approaching the veterans’ associations were top of the list. That led to a discussion about the big-box stores that do or don’t allow veterans to sell poppies on their premises. That led to a discussion about the Corporate Headquarters of many of the big-box stores which got us into a discussion of religion. All that (and a clean-up of a major coffee spill) before 9:30 AM.

Everyone was fund-raising at the bee today. Barb brought a case of Girl Guide cookies to sell for the Texada Island group; she didn’t have to twist too many arms before they were all sold. When Deb Jenkins arrived we got out our money to purchase raffle tickets on a chance for $2000-worth of groceries. If that wasn’t of interest she was also selling micro-fibre sheet sets at a more than reasonable price.

IMG_5225Kathleen and Barb sorted out our pizza order and collected money from everyone. We had four delicious pizzas from Haylstonz; even the folks who arrived late were able to enjoy a couple of slices. Penny brought her pumpkin dessert for all to share. We suggested she bring it once a month using a different cake mix for the crumble on top; we are all very willing taste testers. The recipe has been posted on the Recipe page if you want to make it yourself.

We will be back at the Senior Centre next week where we’ll take time from our sewing for a minute of silence in honour of the day.

Don’t forget the Quilt Show meeting at 6 PM on Thursday, followed by the regular Business Meeting.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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