It’s good to be back

I had a great holiday but it was lovely to be back at the bee yesterday. Is there anything better than working on projects while enjoying the company of like-minded women?

Barb and Kathleen started off our day with laughter. After we had greeted everyone and were settling down to our various tasks, Kathleen couldn’t find her glasses. We searched under the fabric on her table, we searched through her totes. After having no luck she called out to Barb and asked if she had picked up the glasses in the bundle of items they had been discussing earlier. Sure enough, Barb was wearing Kathleen’s glasses on her head!

Lunch was all about the bears. Deborah had a close-encounter with a mother bear and her cub this week. Fortunately the windows and doors held and the story had a happy ending – although the brown-stained paw prints on the outside of the house were difficult to eliminate. And the bears had the nerve to come back the next night and leave muddy footprints on her deck.

From all reports, the demo this past Thursday was “the best”. One of the newer quilters learned a new way to hand stitch that is much easier on her hands; one of our most experienced quilters said it was the best demo night in a long time. Thanks to the Program Committee for the night.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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