We were very happy to have Gail drop in for a visit today; she says she hopes to join us again next week. Maureen popped in for a few minutes, and Alice stopped in to see what everyone was up to. Abby, our junior member, attended with Kathleen. Kathleen has taught her well as Abby completed a bag for her Mum in just one session!

Talk around the lunch table today was all about animals. Sandra has recently returned from the Island and, while there, she saw a weasel cross the road very near the ferry terminal. A discussion ensued and it became generally agreed that what she probably saw was a mink, rather than a weasel. Carola said that she’d seen a few weasels, but they were the two-legged kind! That led to a discussion of how smart dogs are, along with a few cat stories.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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