Special Day (times two)

We had a lovely surprise visit today from our Past President, Kathy Vallee. And we were also celebrating Sandra’s birthday; when she was asked her age she said she wished she was 65 so she could get a better discount on her property taxes! Kathleen baked two cakes; one was gluten free (and Sandra took most of it home with her) and the other was “regular” and there was no more than crumbs left of it.

We were glad to have Sandy Tuba back in her usual spot and Antoinette joined us today. We missed Gail, but she had permission from Barb to miss! But where is Darlene Sinclair? Several of us commented that Barb was free-motion quilting faster than some of us wind bobbins. Can you believe that the class Barb is taking at Quilt Canada is on free-motion quilting; talk about carrying coals to Newcastle (we’re all old enough to understand that, right?)!

Annie arrived just as we were having lunch. Her comment on arrival was “What a day I had yesterday!”. Barb (of course) had a quick (and unprintable) reply. Barb had a banana for lunch; fortunately it was fresh and not the one she found in the bottom of her buggy after two weeks. Margaret’s salad was all homegrown, except for the egg and tomato.

Some of the ladies are off to Quilt Canada on Saturday; I heard mention of wine tours and casinos in Niagara Falls before the conference gets underway! We wish them a pleasant trip but are smart enough to know they won’t behave themselves. Let’s just hope they don’t get caught!

Remember the Annual General Meeting is this Thursday. I can hardly wait to see how the pizza box distribution goes!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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