We missed you but …

There were only ten of us gathered today but we set up the usual number of tables. Sandra was using a couple, I was using a couple, Patti and Betty were using a couple. We missed some of our regulars, but we did enjoy being able to spread out. Deb popped in for a visit and to deliver some goodies that had been ordered by the ladies. She has the cure for all her stress, but she won’t reveal it until tomorrow. I can see a lot of folks shopping at Quality Foods tomorrow and looking for Deb! Velma (of Velma’s Candies) was in the kitchen and she was kind enough to give us some samples. Totally awesome goodies, and there are a few left for next week.

We spread ourselves out around the lunch tables too. We had a short discussion about the Moon Snail bakery; Sandra is very happy with their gluten-free bread. Deb said that the way to cure yourself of a desire for sweets and breads was to work in a bakery for awhile. Barb said that might work for bread and sweets, but working for many years in a yarn and fabric store didn’t cure her desire for either product!

I’ve posted all the information you need for the Guild pot luck (click here). Don’t forget the last pizza box of the year is due at the business meeting on June 5th.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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