Swapping tables

We were missing many of our regulars today so when Dale arrived around ten and Marlene hadn’t shown up she took her table. When Marlene arrived a bit later she moved to Kathleen’s table. Fortunately when Kathleen arrived just before lunch she hadn’t brought her machine and only planned to stay until she had a quilt sandwiched. Not that we can’t sit at a “different” table, but we all seem to gravitate to the same spot each week.

It was nice to see Shawn and Jeanette even if they only stayed for a short visit. Many of the ladies enjoyed the Schoolhouse Quilter’s quilt show over the weekend, and Margie is back from seeing the quilt show in Victoria. I didn’t hear of any major purchases, but Barb brought home plants and the group enjoyed Maid of Honour tarts (but didn’t bring us any)!

Margaret gets the eager beaver award this week. Every time we turned around she was showing off another quilt top. One of the quilts she did “All by herself!” and what a good job she did. Biggest surprise of the day though was the visitor Barb brought along, or that she picked up along the way!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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