Estate planning (and Here Comes the Bride)

The “usual suspects” were gathered today, although there were a few of our crew missing. As I have been away for a couple of weeks there were lots of “new to me” projects on display. The topic of what we would do with our stash came up at lunch. Sandra proposed that we print some sticky labels with the following lines: “In case of death, call (the Guild number)!”. That led to a discussion of who (husband/partner or ourselves) might be the first to pass). Margaret says she once told her husband that when he “went” she had to go with him because she wasn’t staying alone with the kids! Kathy said she told her husband she wanted to “go” first because she didn’t want to have to clean out the basement. We’re wishing good health to everyone, particularly to Margaret who sprained her wrist picking up her quilting buckets! There was a moment of silence and several guffaws when Kathleen was asked about how she liked her wax job; what happens at the bee stays at the bee!

We were honoured by the presence of a soon-to-be June bride. She was in for a fitting so we all had a chance to see her lovely gown. No photos though – that would be bad luck and spoil the surprise!

Some of the information regarding the year-end party has been posted on the Calendar page (under Demo Nights).

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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