Bag ladies

Although not exactly a group project or a class, there were several ladies under Kathleen’s direction making bags. There were spring colours, fall colours, bright colours, and scrappy colours and every one of them looked great. Margie is back from her trip; Rene is back from the Island; Cathie is looking forward to a trip to Fresno to visit her daughter. Darlene is settled after her move and we were glad to have her back. Suzanne and Deborah stopped in and did a little hand stitching. Jeanette brought her sister along and introduced her to everyone, and Gwen dropped in for lunch.

Being April Fool’s you knew there would be a trick of some sort. Sandra tried to pay Barb for some Soft and Stable with her granddaughter’s cash register money. Although Barb wasn’t fooled, Sandra says she paused long enough to make the joke worthwhile.

In one corner of the room Angel, Barb and Darlene were solving all of Sharon’s problems – well at least her issue of avoiding zippers and buttonholes while still making something fun for her grandson. Marianna’s machine started shorting out and blowing fuses, so Eccentric Cam made a house call. Dawn brought along the latest issue of Discover Powell River which features her son and his family in one of the articles. Dawn has tickets for the Shari Ulrich/Powell River Chorus concert if you are interested.

Don’t forget the regular business meeting is this Thursday. Have you got your pizza box done?

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

As well as the bag projects, there were a few pillow cases being constructed and some Judy Niemeyer projects. Marlene and Angie were sandwiching finished projects and a few folks had some new projects on-the-go.


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