Susan goes international

Susan1It was a treat to have Susan Sharkey join us today for our sewing bee. Not unexpectedly, she is working on another piece of art. This is a commissioned piece for a group in Surrey, BC, but it will eventually be traveling to London, England to an Alzheimer’s conference. They couldn’t have found anyone better suited to their project than our own Susan. Here a just a few of the beautiful blocks she has created.

We had a brief presentation at lunch about the new quilting categories that have been added to the Fall Fair lineup. The information will be shared with all through a Guild business meeting in the near future. But don’t hesitate; get busy thinking about the quilts you might want to enter!

Fortunately the Senior Centre ordered a dozen more tables. We certainly put them to good use today. Folks were using them as design walls, for cutting, and we even had elbow room when we sat down for lunch.

Don’t forget Nina’s Trunk Show Thursday night!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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One Response to Susan goes international

  1. Barb kuntsi says:

    I miss all my Tuesday ladies, but I did find an awesome quilt shop just 15 minutes from my house. The owner tried talking me I to coming for a reversible quilt class on Saturday, but when I told her I’ve already done them and that Sharon Pedersen was a friend of mine she almost fell over!

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