He may not be sewing, but we like what he made!

He may not be sewing, but we like what he made!

Thanks to the efforts of Barb Kuntsi and Kathy O’Malley our new Community Quilts cupboard was delivered to the Senior Centre today. And a big thank you to Oris for putting it together for us. There is no problem filling our new cupboard. Georgie and Shawn took home some of the Community Quilt fabric after the weekend class and Georgie brought a huge bag back today that has all been sorted. Sharon spent some time today sorting through another batch of it. Thank you all!

We missed our Texada ladies today; the water taxi wasn’t running due to poor weather. Barb McCormack spent an unexpected night with Kathleen O’Malley due to weather conditions after the Scrappy Quilt weekend. Barb Kuntsi was celebrating the birth of a new granddaughter and Annie was celebrating a special anniversary. On this day in 1976 (at 4 PM) she quit smoking. Well done Annie!

Don’t forget the Gel Pen demo on Thursday (click here for the Supply List). And next week at the bee Barb McCormack expects to have some of Norma Fluery’s fabric and patterns for sale.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

There were lots of projects in the room. A few were working on quilts they started at the Scrappy Quilt weekend. There were a few working on projects from previous classes. There were even a few new projects. I apologize to Donna – I didn’t get a photo of your lovely placemats!

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