Where were you when it crashed?

We used up all the available tables today.

We used up all the available tables today.

We had a great turnout at the bee today. We’ve met at the Blue Mountain clubhouse for the past couple of weeks and it was lovely to see so many quilters gathered together today. Gail is back from her cruises; Gwen is back from ‘Vegas and Mexico; and Myrt has decided to spend a bit of her winter with us.

Many of the ladies were finishing up their Log Cabin Table runners, and what a beautiful collection they are (the runners and the ladies!).

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MOW Placemats

The placemats for Meals on Wheels are coming in. There were a lot of placemats underway in the hall, but not all of them were for the Meals on Wheels project. There is one pattern in particular that seems very popular, but with the different fabrics no one will tire of it. Remember – the placemats need to be brought to the December business meeting.

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There was lots of conversation around the room as we stitched but, suddenly, there was a huge crash. Barb’s table collapsed and we all watched in horror as her machine fell to the floor. Oh yes, we were worried about Barb as well! Barb had help picking up the pieces of her machine, and there were more loose pieces than there should have been. She spoke to Cam and, hopefully, he will be able to put it all back together for her. Sandy Tuba disappeared from the room and in no time at all Barb was back sewing with one of Sandy’s machines.

Next week we have planned a pot luck lunch – an early Christmas celebration. Sandra says don’t go overboard and bring too much to the lunch – save it for the Christmas party!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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