Hot and cold

It was another fun day at the Blue Mountain club house as a few Guild members gathered to stitch. There were still lots of folks cutting strips for the log cabin class on the weekend, and lots of placemats were being pieced, quilted and finished. We had a special 4-legged guest join us, and ladies were coming and going all day. Doriana popped in to say hello before heading off on the ferry; we hardly had time to say hello to Patti before she left; Sandra left before lunch to hear her grandson sing at the mall; and Deb Jenkins stopped in for lunch, sewed a few stitches and left again!

Lots of chatter about the proposed changes to the ferry schedule. There were tweets, texts and phone calls from some of the members, and none of them were positive. Some of us were sad that they are taking away the free ferry ride for seniors before we are old enough to take advantage. Now that the Guild is no longer passing the hall key around, we’ll be drawing names to see who Barb McCormack will stay with when she isn’t able to take a ferry home after our meetings!

We were having trouble managing the temperature in the clubhouse. Some of us were too warm so we opened the balcony door a bit. But then the folks working on the kitchen counters were too cold so the doors had to be closed. Next thing we knew the front door was open, and Marlene had to slip into the washroom and remove a layer of clothing! That led to a discussion of how the ladies stayed warm (and cool) in their homes – wood stoves, fireplaces, socks, or stripped down. When Cathie told us how she kept her feet warm in bed we had to call a halt to the conversation or we’d all be too hot!

The demo on Thursday night (7 PM) will be all about crayon quilts. The Log Cabin Table Runner class starts at 9:15 on Saturday; the doors will be open at 8:45 so you can get set up.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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