The Pre-Class

Kathleen O’Malley was busy today helping some of her students cut their fabrics for the Log Cabin Table Runner class. I’ve added the fabric requirements and cutting instructions  on the Classes page. Kathleen suggests that if the fabric is cut before the class begins, there should be time to finish piecing the runner and, perhaps, get it sandwiched. And there are going to be some lovely runners based on the fabrics I saw today.

There were lots of Christmas projects on the go today, as well as some work being done for the sale at Dwight Hall this weekend. Kathy Parker and Sandra Tuba dropped in for a visit.

Last year, in the pile of donations for Community Quilts, we found a long skinny quilt top. Several members wanted to throw it out, but Darlene took on the job of “doing something with it”. And what a beautiful job she did! Last week she was reverse stitching (with a rotary cutter), but this week she was stitching down the binding!

I have added photos to the Landscape class and I hope to soon have some photos from Hands Across the Water and the Texada Retreat.

We’ll be at the Blue Mountain Clubhouse again next Tuesday. Please join us!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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