What about that quilt?

When pre-washing fabric for quilting, cut a corner off each side at the selvedge edge. This keeps the piece from ravelling and also indicates it has been pre-washed.

 Due to the Soup & Sandwich day at the Cranberry Centre it was a smaller group that met at the Blue Mountain clubhouse today. We missed Kathy who is still visiting family, but it was nice to have Cathie home from her Italian vacation. Kathy Parker popped in to see if any of us had her Slice! Gail came in to rub it in say goodbye before heading out on her 50th Anniversary tour! Dale dropped in and we gave her our differing opinions on our membership cards. Were we helpful Dale?

On a recent trip to the Island Marlene was passing everyone in sight. She couldn’t understand why everyone was going so slow (70 km/h in a 110 km/h zone) but when it happened on the return trip as well she began to wonder if her speedometer was reading correctly!

Penny isn’t giving up on the idea of Barb teaching us how to make the jelly roll quilt that Barb recently completed as a Mystery Quilt. She brings it up every week, but Barb is being cagey about committing herself. Sandra Tuba had a book recommendation for us – The Night Ferry by Michael Robotham. Although we didn’t mark it on the wall, this may have been a day that goes down in history – both Barb and Sandra made mistakes!

Some of the supply lists for upcoming classes and demos have been posted online.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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One Response to What about that quilt?

  1. Barb Kuntsi says:

    Sherry, can you send me your email address and I’ll send you those pics? Thanks Barb

    Sent from Barb’s IPad


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