Bag ’em and Tag ’em!


Boxes of bags ready to send

No, we weren’t hunting! It was the final push to finish the kits for our Days for Girls project. We had an assembly line set up to fill the plastic bags with shields, liners, soap and washcloths. There was a moment of panic when we couldn’t locate one of the packages of snaps that were needed to complete the shields. I think Sharon ran home for some so we could finish the job. Once the packages were complete, another assembly line was set up to insert the panties, load the plastic bags into the cotton bags, and tag the bags with the correct sizing. Well done ladies, and a special thank you to Barb McCormack and Jeanette Wiley for their lead roles in this project.

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When the kits were all boxed up, Barb had a hard time settling in to her sewing. She helped Sandra with a project, she helped Donna with a project, and she helped Rene find the screwdriver for her sewing machine. Although the weather should have put her in the right mood, I don’t think she made a stitch on her Storm at Sea project. It was lovely to have Marianna back after her summer in the city. She brought back news of the latest style in panties. They have a zipper and a small pocket in the front. There was much laughter as we contemplated what might go into this pocket! We gave up on seeing Annie, but she wandered in about 1:30 – a new record for lateness!

The topic under discussion at lunch was milk – powdered milk, 2% milk, 1% milk, almond milk, Tri-Milk and evaporated milk. Sharon had a story about her father. He bought several head of cattle for very little money at an auction; they had pink eye. He injected them with evaporated milk and within a couple of weeks he had them cured, back at auction, and he made a fortune. Sandra figures it was the Vitamin D in the milk that did it. Don’t try this at home though! Marlene brought cupcakes to celebrate Gwen’s birthday – all that was missing was Gwen! The rest of us dug in and enjoyed them.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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