Days for Girls Workshop

LunchWe had a fabulous turnout for our first Days for Girls workshop. Barb and Jeanette gave us a good introduction to what was needed; both had pre-cut and started the various pieces so we could see what had to be done. When we got down to business, some were cutting, some were sewing, some were serging. With the help of many hands we are half-way to our goal. There are more photos on the Community Projects page.

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We’ll be back at it next Tuesday so please join us in this very worthwhile world-wide community project.

There were a few new quilts in the room as well.

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We had a very special visitor with us today!

Spool Holder ($5)

Spool Holder ($5)

Don’t forget the pot luck and Program Committee reveal on Thursday. Doors open at 5:30; dinner starts at 6:00. Bring a placemat to adorn the table! Sherril will be selling these spool holders ($5) in aid of Michelle Houle‘s fund-raising efforts.

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One Response to Days for Girls Workshop

  1. Barb Kuntsi says:

    Not Barb with a new granddaughter, it was Kathleen!

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